Create Open, Sustainable, and Autonomous Organisations* with DAOcommons

*for skillbased organisations. DAOs are also called web3 communities / coops.

What is DAOcommons?

An open Protocol that enables sustainable decentralized skill-based organizations to be built. The protocol is a set of recommendations and rules that outline specific skilling, demand generation, and operational standards. These standards can be adopted for a specific skill segment, irrespective of religion, gender, race, nationality, and any human-made categorizations.
DAOcommons for "skill-based organization-building" is what HTTP is for the world wide web and SMTP is for emails, and Bitcoin is for value exchange.

Why the term DAOcommons ?

DAO - Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.
commons - common good is a type of economic good
Common good has an economic definition - basically rival (a type of good that may only be possessed or consumed by a single user) and non-excludable. In our case, a community's projects are rivalrous (if one team executes a project/ job, others won't be able to) and non-excludable cos entry to the community (DAO) is either through money/labor.Hence the term DAOcommons!

DAOcommons protocol is an output of the below experiments

18B2B Clients


Here's the 3rd revision of our mental model after four years of researching and experimenting. Every shape you see in the diagram below is an abstracted learning from one of the above-mentioned experiments.

DAOcommons TTP protocol watermark.png

A DAO / Web3 Community is a microcosm of an Economy

Production Function : Output (Y) ~ f ( Capital (k), Labour (L) & Productivity (&).
So a DAO / Web3 community should have all these components for an unbroken chain of logic / mathematical consistency.

The Three Systems that Sustain a DAO

People, Process and Incentives

Skilling System - DAOcommons

Labour / People / Supply /Skilling System

The workshops, cohort-based courses, learning circles, and other skilling sides of a community. The learning activity log of an action within a community.

DAOcommons - Demand System

Capital / Growth / Market / Demand System

The projects and gigs and jobs side of a community. The performance activity log of an action within a community.


Processes / Wellbeing / Operating System

The process aspect of the system along with validation of work of activity members incentivizes learning, performance, and community-building activities of a community. The community building activity log of an action within a community.

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