Problem Statement

The Current Organisational Structure needs a Revamp to usher in the Future of Work that optimizes for the well-being of an Individual.



DAOs to power the Future of Work?!

The Grand Vision

"Every technological revolution has transformed the way we work. The plow turned hunter-gatherers into farmers. The spinning jenny and the power loom turned farmers into factory workers. Industrial automation and computers turned factory workers into office dwellers, and the internet fundamentally changed how we got work done. And now, there’s a new transformation on the horizon that promises to change the way we work again: Web3." source.

Problems with DAOs now

  • Members join just for token Airdrops
  • Decision Making becomes an issue given the decentralized nature and lack of hierarchies based on contribution
  • Proposals, touted to be the way to solve decision-making deadlocks, can be swayed by whales
  • Lack of Real Identities
  • Lack of Real Purpose

Bob Greenlee summarises the problem the best
"For me, the ultimate proof that a DAO can replace our existing flawed business organizations is when a smart contract can decide that it is a good time to give an employee the day off."

So Just Technology (Smart Contracts on BlockChain) / Tool won't make this Happen We gotta align incentives and solve the real frictions the labor market has.

Labour Market Frictions

Employer and Employee Perspective

Employer Perspective

Verification Friction, Validation Friction, Search & Match Friction, and Onboarding & Exit Friction

Individual Perspective

Social Reclusion, Anxiety about Future, Lack of Career Progression, Access to Financial Services

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The Three Systems that Sustain a DAO (SkillBased)

People, Process and Incentives

Skilling System - DAOcommons

Labour / People / Supply /Skilling System

Real Identity with baselining and a clear path through SkillTree.
The workshops, cohort-based courses, learning circles, and other skilling sides of a community.
These actions contribute to the Learning tag within a community.

DAOcommons - Demand System

Capital / Growth / Market / Demand System

The projects and gigs and jobs side of a community. The action of working on these projects and job contribute to the Performing / Executing tag within a community.


Processes / Wellbeing / Operating System

The process aspect of the system along with validation of work of activity members incentivizes learning, performance, and community-building activities of a community.
These actions contribute to the "CommuntyBuilding" tag within a community.

Curious how these translate into metrics for measuring the value of a DAO / web3 community ?

The Protocol Stack

DAOcommons is the organization building protocol of TheThirdPillar Protocol Stack

Value Capture Protocol to capture Transactions

Time is the most common factor across the globe.

How that time is spent and what it is spent on, and what's the worth of the output and who is spending that time.

Wellbeing Protocol to incentivize becoming a Virtuous Human | "The Who"

Moving away from productivity to well-being and quantifying it with more public involvement. Thus incentivizing well-being pursuit.

DAOcommons Protocol for BlockCreation & Incentive alignments |
"The Labour Output and What's Labour Output's worth"

Build Institutions built on Labour with equity (NOT equality) as a founding principle, so value distribution is taken care of in an equitable way. Thus making such institutions promote frictionless skill movement.

TheProtocolStack - The IoV.png

So, Do these Protocols Solve the 8 Labour Market Frictions?

see for yourself!

verification and validation frictions

Identity - part 1

Verification Friction

Since DAO/ Community members are background verified, the verification friction is removed totally.

Validation Friction

Since DAO/ Community members work is logged and validated as per the skill system and value capture protocol the Skill levels can be trusted thus the verification friction drops.

Identity - part 2

Search & Match Friction

Since the DAOs are structured around Skills it's easy to find the skills at a macro and micro levels thus reducing the search and match frictions

Onboarding & Exit Firction

Within a community members are onboarded into projects and jobs based on skill levels backed by real work tagged as learning, executing and community building. Thus a smart contract will suffice and hence reducing the Onboarding & Exit Friction.

Search & Match Frictions

DAO / Community Structure

Skill Tree to WellbeingScore

Clarity on Progression

The Skill Level and clarity on how many hours a person has to spend on learning, executing and community building to level up reduces anxiety + at an organisation level speeds up the decision making process

Access to Credit and Financial services

The DAOcommons protocol along with the wellbeing protocol results in a well-being score that gives credit and other financial services access to the DAO / community members at a local level.

Anxiety about Future Projects

The Execution Activities are logged only for jobs and projects that a community / DAO brings to the members. Hence the anxiety of future jobs reduces

No more social reclusion

Members are not freelancers anymore they can choose to be as active as possible within the community.

anxiety skill tree defi

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